Week B


A team of two Year 8 and two Year 9 pupils competed in the regional heats of the UK team Maths Challenge on Wednesday 13 March 2013. After two rounds we were in the lead not having dropped a single mark. Unfortunately, a disastrous third round knocked us down the rankings. Even Kirsty not losing a second, by being the speediest runner in the final relay round, was enough to pull us back into winning position.

We came 9th out of 24 teams, which is Highdown’s best result in recent years. Congratulations to Jasmine Bahra, Kirsty Walker, Lizzy Hawken and Owen Aljabar.

  • Maths challenge May 2013

    Maths challenge May 2013

    Maths challenge May 2013.jpg
    Maths challenge May 2013