Week B

Student Welfare

The Student Welfare Action Group looks at how Highdown is run and how it could be improved.  With a student insight into ways we could improve the school and how things happen.  At present, the Student Welfare Group is updating the "Helping Hands" booklet which is provided to all new starters at Highdown to make them feel more welcome.  This group also works closely with Cucina to help students receive a balanced diet.

School Improvement

The School Improvement Action Group looks at how Highdown could become a better and friendlier place for students at Highdown School.  One example of what we are looking at is how new teachers can encourage students in their classroom to complete challenging topics.  The basis of this research will be used to formulate a draft Student Charter of what makes effective/good learning in a classroom from a student's perspective.  This will inform staff development and training where strategies, task and activities can be developed that support the skills identified from the group's research.


The Environment Action group looks at ways that we could make Highdown greener.  One of the main concerns is our Carbon Footprint, therefore the Environment team look at ways that we could reduce it.  This includes doing one of the simplest things - turning off lights, as well as encouraging recycling around the school.  This team help to make our school look a whole lot better!  At present the Environment group is designing a scheme of work to help educate and inform Highdowners about effective recycling.


The Fundraising Action Group looks at different ways Highdown could raise money for our chosen charities.  The main charity that we are fundraising for this year is Touraid.  At present the Fund-raising group are organising  inter-tutor Rugby and Football competitions in Term 3, as well as a TV-based quiz.  Other fund-raising ideas are in the pipeline.  The fund-raising action group also looks at how we can work more closely with the wider community to support our chosen charities.