Week B

'Big Highdown Art Challenge' Club


Art club celebrates 100 Years of votes for women and the continued fight for Equality

This term students at the 'Big Highdown art challenge' club have been working together with Miss Garner to make a banner to celebrate 100 years of votes for women, and to support the continued fight for Equal Rights. The students have shown such commitment to the important topic and passion for closing the gender gap. The banner is a huge success and all students involved should be really proud of themselves.


Well done to Art Club students

Jessica Soanes, Izzie Moyse, Shriyaa Deepak, Jake Prior , Frances Booth, Ezme Dickinson, Lucas Hogarth, Ruby Elder, Jessica Owen, Hannah Ridge, Adele Carr, Billie Pryce, Chakrika Bandi, Bethan Soanes, , Sam England, Sophia Alvesdrumond, Ella Tripathi, Mia White, ,  Keiomhe Ryan, Kamilla Akbarova, Elizabeth Cooper, Millie Staines, Georgia Lowings, Sophie Chandler, Tanya Tripathi, Chloe Roberts, Eloise Budd, Paris Holland, Kelsey Cran, Yasmin Pelegrino Dias, Eughenia Romano Santander, Karima Siddiqui, Dila Aydin, Amy Frederickson, Ryan Turner, Kamilly Da Silva.