Week B


On Monday 9 July and Tuesday 10 July, 29 Year 7 students participated in two Intensive Learning Days which were specially arranged for Year 7 students on the Mandarin Excellence Programme. These Intensive Learning Days, including on-site and off-site activities, allowed our MEP students to gain rich learning experiences in Chinese language and culture.


The intensive learning days were themed around “Food and Drink”. They gave our Year 7 MEP students the opportunity to deepen and apply their language knowledge via ordering their own meals from a menu in Chinese and undertaking various activities in Chinatown in London, including looking for various signs in Chinese and interviewing people in Mandarin. In addition, students developed their understanding of Chinese culture by learning about Chinese food habits and the history of China via a visit to the British Museum and the exploration of its rich collection from ancient and modern China. The first Intensive Learning Day culminated in a meal in a Chinese restaurant with chopsticks and discovering the emblematic Taiwanese dessert: Bubble Tea.


During the second day, students developed their linguistic and cultural knowledge through a cross-curricular learning project in which they learnt about nutrition and healthy eating habits and designed restaurant menus in Chinese. Students especially enjoyed showcasing their cooking talent while learning to cook Chinese-styled fried noodles! The second day ended with a calligraphy workshop where students learnt to write Chinese characters with Chinese calligraphy brushes.


The joy that students expressed throughout these two days was witnessed by all the teachers and the parents. Students felt especially rewarded by sensing their ability to apply the language knowledge they have learnt in different contexts and by learning more about Chinese culture.


The success of the two Intensive Learning Days comes alongside the fabulous news about the results in the national MEP Hurdle Tests. The effort that our students have put in to the Hurdle Tests, undertaken by all the MEP schools in the country, contributed to an outstanding test result - 86% - which exceeds the national average result.



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