Week B

Hard-boiled Humanities Competition

Highdown students and staff were invited to enter the History Department’s second Easter Hard-boiled Humanities competition. After the outstanding quality last year, we were eggcited to see what entries we would get, and we were not disappointed. We had over 30 entries, free-ranging from the Luddeggs and the Eggsistentialists to Breggsit and Eggward Jenner.
The winners of our student competition were as follows:
1st place – Izzy D’Orta and Ewelina Kapron (Y10)  with “Titanegg”
2nd place – Ursula Dale (Y13) with “The Bolshellviks”
3rd place – Lucy Ranson and Maud Taylor (Y8) with “The History Deggpartment” and Madeleine Wordley (Y12) with “Napoleon’s Eggonomic Warfare”