Week B




Students are to come properly prepared for the school day with plenty of fluid. Water is always the best drink to have and we would ask that parents ensure that students are not bringing energy drinks or other carbonated alternatives, which only serve to dehydrate. Students are able to refill drinking bottles before school and at break/lunchtime. They have been reminded that this should happen during their social time and not at the end of break/lunch when they should be in lessons.



During this period of warm weather, students may leave their blazers at home if they wish. Students must however not replace their blazers with a hooded jacket or overcoat. If they need an extra layer for warmth or comfort, then the additional layer should be their blazer first. 



Polo Shirts

With the changes to the school uniform policy over the past two years, the plan has been to phase out Highdown School ‘branded’ polo shirts. Normal white shirts/blouses should be worn. We understand that some students still have polo shirts that they wear but we would ask that if students have shirts/blouses at home that they are worn now instead of polo shirts. If they do not have shirts/blouses that currently fit, then we understand that a transitional period is sensible, but ask that you work as alongside the school and ensure that students are fully prepared in September with the appropriate shirt/blouse.




We have had recent occasions where students have worn shorts to school rather than appropriate school trousers/skirts. In some cases, students have a note from parents to authorise this. One of our roles within the school is to prepare students for adult life and the world of work. In the greatest majority of occupations there is a requirement for some sort of appropriate dress code. At Highdown School this involves wearing appropriate trousers/skirt, and this still remains the case. This requirement is the same for staff and students. We would ask for your full support in this matter in ensuring that your sons and/or daughters are dressed in the appropriate uniform.  


Thank you