Week A

On Tuesday the 11th of July, Key Stage 3 students performed a Brechtian style adaptation of Alice in wonderland called "Alice!” Written, directed and choreographed by Mrs Hawkins and co-directed by Chloe Mortimer (12B).  Holly Kirkpatrick (8J) as the Dance Captain and Chloe Mortimer assisted with the choreography and Joe Gater (10H) assisted with acting coaching small groups of characters.

The cast and crew began working on this show after Easter and dedicated every Tuesday lunch and after school time to ensuring they put on a performance they could be proud of.  Starring Martha Crowland (8D) as Alice, the play follows her journey after falling down a rabbit hole and finding herself exploring an underground world called "Wonderland" while chasing a White Rabbit played by Lucas Beeney (8C).

Along the journey Alice meets Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum played by the amazing duo of Ellie Sherfield (7G) and Sophie Jackson (7E), a Blue Caterpillar (Euan Duffield (8D), a Cheshire Cat (Maud Taylor, 8J) who directs Alice onwards to meet the Mad Hatter (Dylan Collie 8J) along with the March Hare (Bobby Moore 8K) and their friend a Doormouse (Ella Saiao 8C).

Alice follows the White Rabbit all the way to the Royal castle where she meets the angry Queen of Hearts (Izzy Jackson 9G) and her sidekick sister The Duchess (Natalie Soghomonian 9C). After Alice nearly loses her head for helping paint the roses red she runs back through wonderland as an attempt to get home but discovers the whole thing was a just a nonsense dream. 

All that were involved had good fun rehearsing for the show as well as making new friends amongst different year groups.  The final performance was an evening of comedy, dance and fully enjoyed by all in the company as well as the audience.