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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

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Our approach to Art and Design will stimulate your curiosity and knowledge and extend your skills in visual language.  Students should be genuinely interested in using and manipulating two and three dimensional materials and evaluating the work of other artists to develop critical thinking.

Awarding Organisation: AQA

Reformed/Linear A-Level: Yes

More information: Mrs V Coleman


Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 4+ in Art/Art Graphics/Photography or portfolio of evidence, plus the standard Sixth Form entry requirements.


Curriculum and Assessment

Year 12


The first year is a time of learning new skills and building on knowledge already gained.  You will experiment with materials and techniques, skills and methods to help you develop your own ideas.  You will be supported by your teachers, who will be preparing you for the challenge of the Personal Investigation, which you will start in the Summer Term and continue with in Year 13.

During this year you are required to work in two or more areas of art and design, such as painting, drawing, mixed media, graphics, sculpture, photography and printmaking.


Projects consist of research, development, investigation, experimentation and final outcomes.



Year 13


This year is split into two units of work; a coursework portfolio and an externally set assignment which culminates in a 15 hour examination at the end of the course.


During this year you will produce a Personal Investigation which is practical by nature, leading to a finished piece or pieces and is supported by a compulsory written element that links the work of other artists to the project.  In this unit you are in charge and with our support you will produce a portfolio of work that reflects your strengths and interests.  You will be encouraged to work in a variety of ways, exploring fully the subject you have chosen and utilising the skills you have learnt over the course.



Post 18 Opportunities

Many of our students go on to study art and design at a higher level.  Students can also continue on a  Foundation Course in Art and Design.  Students can continue their Graphic studies on a Foundation Course or do a degree course in areas such as Animation, Illustration, Advertising or a more general Graphic Design degree.


Some students have continued their Art studies on a one year foundation course. Destinations include:

  • Leicester University – Fine Art
  • Buckinghamshire University – Graphic Design
  • Solent University – Animation
  • Middlesex University - Film and Set Design
  • Southampton  Solent – Hair and Make Up for TV and Media



Portfolio, sketchbooks and some material costs.  Visits to museums and galleries in the UK and an optional overseas visit.