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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre!

Highdown School is a very special place. As Headteacher, I am very proud of all we do here and our resolute determination to continue to improve every day. Staff and students aspire to achieve excellence in all we do. Our commitment and resilience is underpinned by core values of aspiration, respect and excellence.

Our philosophy is simple – great teaching supported by committed pastoral care gives great outcomes and life chances for our young people. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and provides a solid platform for life in our Sixth Form. Life at Highdown is a five or more likely a seven year journey. We provide learning opportunities to ensure our students remain stimulated and motivated and develop a lifelong thirst for learning. Highdowners should go from outstanding lesson to outstanding lesson being challenged and guided to make the most of their Highdown Journey.

Our extra-curricular offer is superb. We make full advantage of our fantastic estate with a full range of sports. All students will find something to enjoy outside the classroom. It might be in the performing arts or in the reptile club. There really is something for everyone.

The Highdown community is tolerant and happy. Our students do not tolerate prejudice or unkindness from one another. Staff and students work together to promote inclusivity on every level. For those needing additional support, our STAR centre provides care and develops life skills. For those who are aspiring to Oxbridge, our bespoke programmes enable aspiration to be successful.

Our commitment to staff development is second to none. A motivated staff body provides the best education for our children and Highdown believes in lifelong learning for all.

Whether a prospective parent, student or colleague, come and visit us at Highdown. Your Highdown experience can then begin. I look forward to meeting you.


Rachel E Cave