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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

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The History A Level course focuses primarily on history from the eighteenth century to the end of the twentieth century, and includes elements that students have familiarity with after pursuing the GCSE course.  

Awarding Organisation: OCR

Reformed/Linear A-Level: Yes

More information: Ms A Duncan


Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 5+ in History and 5+ in English, plus the standard Sixth Form entry requirements.



Year 12


  • From Pitt to Peel 1783 - 1846

  • International relations 1890 – 1941


Year 13


  • Investigation/topic based essay

  • Russia and its rulers 1855 – 1964



Students will take three written examinations:

  • British Paper – 25%
  • International Relations in the 20th Century – 15%
  • Russia and it’s rulers 1855-1964 – 40%
  • Coursework – 20%


Skills that will be developed

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical and evaluative reasoning
  • Extended writing
  • Source work
  • Empathy


Post-18 Opportunities

History is a subject which is highly regarded by universities, not only for its content and ability to develop a student’s capacity for knowledge but also the skills required to study it at an advanced level.  Students who successfully complete the subject at A Level demonstrate enhanced understanding of causal and consequential factors and show a higher ability of independent research skills as well as increased empathy.  These are all assets when universities are completing their selection process.


Destinations of students in the last two years:

  • Exeter University - History
  • Nottingham University - History and English
  • Oxford University - Law, Philosophy



Students will be expected to purchase their own course textbooks, although there will be a few spare copies kept at school.  Some students also purchase additional reference material for the coursework unit and are given an extended reading list in their course guide.  We have our library as well as links to Reading University Library.