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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

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This course requires you to have an enquiring mind, an interest and a desire to examine some of the biggest questions in the universe!  You do not need a religious belief (though it is fine if you do have one).  You will need to be able to read quite challenging texts, take notes, discuss and examine a range of different issues and write a good examination answer.

Awarding Organisation: WJEC

Reformed/Linear A-Level: Yes

More information: Mr. C. Hinz


Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 4+ in English, plus the standard Sixth Form entry requirements. Religious Studies is desirable but not essential.


Curriculum and Assessment

Year 12


Religious topics include:

  • Ancient views of God and reality
  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • The problem of evil and religion and Science

Ethical topics include:

  • The nature of origin of ethics from religious and non-religious perspectives
  • Ethical theories like Utilitarianism and Natural Law
Year 13


Religious topics include:

  • Studying beliefs about life after death
  • Religious language
  • Miracles
  • Religious experiences
  • The nature of God

Ethical topics include:

  • Meta-ethics and understanding ethical statements
  • Determination and Free Will 


Post-18 Opportunities

Philosophy and Ethics is widely accepted as an entry qualification for further and higher education courses.  Therefore, it is particularly helpful for study in any of the Arts and Sciences, with focus on Humanities, Philosophy, Law, Medicine, Social Work, Psychology and  many more.

Studying this course will develop a wide range of skills, including those essential for enquiry, interpretation, reasoning, evaluation and communication.  It is ideal for creating the personal skills and ability needed for degree study, management roles and working with people from around the world.


Destinations of students in the last two years:

  • University of Southampton –  Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Hertfordshire University - Philosophy