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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

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A Level Psychology is a captivating and diverse area of study.  You will learn about how humans learn and recall information and how they develop cognitively from babies to adulthood.  Social Psychology looks at situations  of when and why  we conform and obey whilst biopsychology looks into how our anatmony plays a role in driving our behaviour. 

Awarding Organisation:  AQA

Reformed/Linear A-Level:  Yes

More information: Mr G Haskins


Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 4+ in a Science or 4/4 in Trilogy Science and 4+ in English, plus the standard Sixth Form entry requirements.


Curriculum and Assessment

Year 12


During this year, students will gain an excellent basis for future study. You begin by studying memory in cognitive psychology, discover reasons for influence and obedience during social psychology get an insight into the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in psychopathology and look into infant attachment in developmental psychology.


You will also learn how psychologists collect and analyse data. The second unit focuses on the different approaches in psychology to explain behaviour, a closer look at the brain and hormones in biopsychology and continue building on knowledge and application of research methods.


Year 13


During this year, students will develop many of the themes encountered in Year 12. You will look more closely at cognition and development and deepen your knowledge of mental illness by studying schizophrenia in detail. You will also look at forensic psychology including the different ways we can explain offending behaviour. By now, you will be able to design your own psychological scientific investigation and debate current theory and conflict of opinion by accessing various psychology issues and debates.



Three 2 hour examinations

Compulsory Practical Endorsement


Skills that will be developed

  • The ability and motivation to work independently
  • Good note taking and essay writing skills
  • Good powers of analysis
  • The ability to think critically
  • The ability to express complex ideas in your own words


Post-18 Opportunities

Psychology can help your career either directly or indirectly. Of course, for those who wish to become a psychologist, therapist or mental health worker, this A Level is of direct value. Studying psychology provides you with a vast number of options. Just some of the potential career options open to you include: education, social work, psychology, advertising, counselling, the police force and many more.


Destinations of students in the last two years:

  • East London University – Forensic Psychology
  • Nottingham Trent University - Psychology



You will need to purchase a text book.  We will endeavor to attend at least one series of lectures to supplement the course.