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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

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“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” – C Wright Mills

Sociology can be described as the scientific study of society.  It is about the social relationships that people share with each other; in their families, in their schools and in work.  Sociology teaches that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to studying the way that people live together.  What is important for a sociologist is the ability to evaluate evidence and choose between possible explanations.  

Awarding Organisation: AQA

Reformed/Linear A-Level:  Yes

More information: Mr K Prior


Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 4+ in English, plus the standard Sixth Form entry requirements.



Year 12


During this year students begin by studying ‘An introduction to Sociology’.  In this part of the course they are introduced to some of the major sociological theories and concepts that frequently occur throughout the course.  They then study ‘Families and Households’, as well as ‘Education’ and ‘Theory and Methods’.


Year 13


During this year students study ‘Beliefs in Society’.  Finally they undertake the study of ‘Crime and Deviance’, together with ‘Theory and Methods’.




Students will have three 2 hour written examinations on:

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods    

Paper 2: Topics in Sociology - Families and Households- Beliefs in Society                   

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods 


Skills that will be developed

  • How to research and evaluate complex arguments
  • How to use evidence to support your arguments, both orally and in written work
  • How to investigate facts and use deduction
  • How to put over your point of view fluently
  • How to present ideas clearly using ICT skills
  • How to use, interpret and evaluate a wide range of research techniques
  • How to work as a team to achieve results
  • How to take responsibility for your own learning
  • How to organise your work and meet deadlines


Post-18 Opportunities

Sociology helps develop a range of excellent academic skills, from independent research to detailed analysis of evidence, that will prepare you for many university courses and careers. In recent years, Sociology students have not only gone on to study Sociology at university, but a range of other courses such as law, journalism, social policy, criminology, business management and teacher training.



Books are provided for students throughout the course.  There are additional revision guides that are available for purchase through the school at a discounted rate of £6.00 each.