Week A

The information on this page only relates to support for laptop devices purchased from our partner, FreedomTech.

What happens if the device gets damaged or develops a fault?

FreedomTech provide an advanced repair service for accidental damage for a period of 3 years. Any accidental damage (including liquid) or device faults are covered.


How do I make a claim if the device is damaged, faulty or is stolen?

You will have received a policy and claims document from FreedomTech which will provide details.

1. Contact FreedomTech at www.freedomtech.co.uk/help and select the appropriate ticket type - either 'Broken Device' or 'Claim - Warranty'.  You will receive a code, e.g. FTCS-XXXX. All collections and returns will be made via the school. (This may not be possible during the school holidays).

2. The student should bring the laptop with the FTCS code to the Network Office, near Student Reception. They will be given a 'swap out' laptop to use whilst their laptop is away for repair.

3. Our Network Team will contact ValueTech repair centre to arrange collection of the device.

4. Once the device is returned to the school, parent(s)/carer(s) will be notified via Class Charts that it is ready for collection.

5. The student should return their 'swap out' laptop and collect their own laptop back from the Network Office.


How long might it take for a device to be repaired?

It takes approximately 10-15 working days for a fix or replacement to be arranged/completed. We will issue a loan device whilst your device is away for repair.