Week A

Please find below a list of policies. Please contact the school if you would like a paper copy of any of the policies.

  1. Accessibility Plan Policy March 2023pdfDownload
  2. Anti-bullying Policy Nov 2023pdfDownload
  3. Attendance Policy March 2023 (extended to July 2024)pdfDownload
  4. Behaviour Policy 2022pdfDownload
  5. BYOD Policy Sept 2022pdfDownload
  6. Capital and Revenue Policy - 2022pdfDownload
  7. Careers Education and Guidance Policy Dec 2021pdfDownload
  8. CCTV Policy Feb 2024pdfDownload
  9. Charging Policy Oct 2021pdfDownload
  10. Communications Policy July 2022pdfDownload
  11. Complaints Policy March 2023pdfDownload
  12. Contracts & Tendering Policy Feb 2022 pdfDownload
  13. Curriculum Policy 2023 2024pdfDownload
  14. Cyber Security Policy Nov 2023pdfDownload
  15. Data Protection Policy 2023 v1.2pdfDownload
  16. Drugs Policy Oct 2021pdfDownload
  17. ECT Induction Policy Feb 2024pdfDownload
  18. Equality Statement and Objectives 2023-27pdfDownload
  19. FOI Policy June 2023pdfDownload
  20. Health and Safety Policy June 23pdfDownload
  21. ICT and Internet RUP Oct 2023pdfDownload
  22. Inclusion Policy Nov 2023pdfDownload
  23. International Policy Feb 2024pdfDownload
  24. Learning and Teaching Policy May 2024pdfDownload
  25. Lettings Policy Feb 2022 pdfDownload
  26. Literacy Policy Oct 2021pdfDownload
  27. LLC and Allegations of abuse against staff Policy February 2024pdfDownload
  28. Menopause Policy Feb 2023pdfDownload
  29. Modern Day Slavery Statement Nov 2023pdfDownload
  30. Numeracy Policy Feb 2022pdfDownload
  31. Online Safety Policy June 2023pdfDownload
  32. Premises Management Policy Feb 2023pdfDownload
  33. Prevent Policy June 2023pdfDownload
  34. Privacy Notice June 2023pdfDownload
  35. Provider Access Policy Statement Nov 2023pdfDownload
  36. PSHCE Policy May 2024pdfDownload
  37. Remote Education Provision for Parents September 2021pdfDownload
  38. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy July 2023pdfDownload
  39. SEND Information Report March 2024pdfDownload
  40. Uniform and Dress Code Policy Sept 23pdfDownload
  41. Visits and Overnight Stays Policy Feb 2023pdfDownload
  42. Whistleblowing Policy July 2023pdfDownload
  43. Young Person's Mental Health Policy Sept 2023pdfDownload
  44. Admissions Policy 2025-26 pdfDownload