Week B

Welcome to The Highdown School PTA 

Highdown PTA supports the academy by raising supplementary funds through events for parents/carers, staff and students. 

As we are sure you are aware, school budgets are being squeezed so schools are increasingly reliant on additional funds and this is where the PTA help; it is no longer solely a social “nice to have” but is becoming more of an essential. 

We appreciate how busy everyone is with work, family and personal commitments and are ever thankful to everyone who attends PTA events.  The more people who support the PTA in organising these, the less everyone has to do.   

How can you help? 

  • Attend events
  • Help organise events (email us if you are interested)
  • Volunteer at events (email us or sign up to the relevant event on PTA Events as a volunteer – link on this page)
  • Find out if your company offers fund matching for PTA events.  We are signed up to Benevity which allows companies to support the chosen charities of their employees 

Every parent/carer is welcome to attend PTA meetings and if you are interested in doing so please send an email to the address on this page.  There is no obligation to take a role on the PTA Committee or organise events, but your ideas on fundraising events are always welcome. 

We are a small, friendly and welcoming group! 


Raising Funds for Your School

The PTA is made up of a group of parents who organise fun, social events throughout the school year with the aim of raising funds for the school.

CHAIR  Laura Harmsworth 
VICE CHAIR  Alisa Scott 


Left to right: Alex Humphreys, Laura Harmsworth, Andy Franks, Hayley Rumble, Alisa Scott

If you have any queries about our events please contact:  highdown_pta@outlook.com

PTA News 

We held our AGM on Monday, Our Committee for the 2022/23 Academic year is as follows:

Secretary - Alex Humphreys; Chairperson - Laura Harmsworth; PTA Teacher Liaison - Mr A Franks; Treasurer - Hayley Rumble; and Vice Chairperson - Alisa Scott

The minutes of the AGM will be available on the PTA page of the school website in due course.

We are in need of more parents on the PTA, if you are able to join us or offer time to assist at events, please email us at Highdown_PTA@outlook.com


Social Media:  HighdownPTA