Week A


As advised by Public Health England, a vaccination programme is held in school during the academic year. Full details of these vaccinations and consent forms will be sent to Parent/Carers concerned in advance.

You can visit the NHS Berkshire Healthcare website, to see all information regarding vaccinations.


Mental Health

You can find advice and guidance here on Supporting peers or relatives with their mental health.



Guidance from the UK Government for children and young people:

'If a child or young person has a positive COVID-19 test result they should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day they took the test, if they can. After 3 days, if they feel well and do not have a high temperature, the risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower. This is because children and young people tend to be infectious to other people for less time than adults. Children and young people who usually go to school, college or childcare and who live with someone who has a positive COVID-19 test result should continue to attend as normal.'

There are two guides available to download below: