Week A

Sixth Form students at Highdown have all the advantages of being students in a large and thriving school and also of being a separate entity within that community. Highdown Sixth Form has an excellent reputation of being a very dynamic, caring and forward thinking community.


Use of Sixth Form Study Space

You are welcome to use the Sixth Form Study Room for a quiet place to study during school hours and after lessons.

Behaviour expectations are:

  • No eating or drinking anything other than water;
  • No answering your phone or letting it disturb others;
  • Phones to be used only for school work;
  • No MP3 players, games consoles or anything similar allowed;
  • No loud conversations.

Students using the Study Space for social purposes and not committed to quiet study will be asked to leave.

ID Cards

The safety of every member of Highdown Community is of paramount importance. Therefore, you must wear your ID card at all times as proof of identity.  You will be charged for replacement cards.

Car Parking

Due to space restrictions, you are not permitted to park on site.


The school’s biometric recognition system works by creating an algorithm based on your fingerprint which is stored as a number. This enables you to use the cashless catering and print management systems. Find out more from the Finance Department.


ParentMail is a state-of-the-art, next generation communication and payment collection service used by thousands of schools across the UK to save time, money and improve parental engagement.

You can use your ParentMail account from your computer or by using our free mobile phone App where you can:

  • Receive messages and letters
  • Pay for items
  • Top-up dinner money
  • Authorise trips
  • Keep up-to-date with the school calendar
  • View and organise calendars for each of your children
  • Create and share your own calendar events and reminder

Parents will be sent an email or text by Highdown School with an invitation to register for ParentMail once their child has started at the school.

Student Leadership 

he Student Leadership Team is one way of providing students at Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre with a voice so that they can make valuable contributions in order to improve their school.  All members of The Student Leadership Team work together to further develop the school to ensure we are the best we can be.  

The Student Leadership Team offers students the opportunity to practice and showcase new skills they are developing, such as public speaking, mentoring and interpersonal skills, self-confidence, team building, collaborative working and problem-solving.  All these skills will be invaluable when applying for sixth form, college, jobs and university.

During term 1, each academic year, we will recruit new Student Chairs and Junior Student Chairs.  Year 12 students can apply to be a Student Chair, a Student Deputy Chair or a Student Assistant Chair.