Week A

Sixth Form students at Highdown have all the advantages of being students in a large and thriving school and also of being a separate entity within that community. Highdown Sixth Form has an excellent reputation of being a very dynamic, caring and forward thinking community.

The Sixth Form is housed in buildings separate from the main school. There is a large study area, including a computer suite, for private study and various tutorial and specialist rooms for teaching. Sixth Form students are also taught in well-resourced specialist areas around the school.

Use of the Library and Sixth Form Study Space

You are welcome to use the school library and the Sixth Form Study Centre for a quiet place to study during school hours.  You can borrow 4 library items at a time with a loan period of 2 weeks available from a large collection of A Level text books and other 16+ resources easily identified by a yellow spot on the spine.  You can access your library account on the web-based library management system Eclipse to search for books in the catalogue, request, renew and review titles.  The Librarian is always on hand to help.  When there are no classes in the library, you can use the whole area and the PCs for quiet study.  Check the door notice warning you when classes are coming into the library as computers and rectangular tables may then be occupied.

If there is a lesson in the library, you should:

  • Be a good role model to the younger students show respect to the teacher by not entering while they are talking and not wandering in and out mid-lesson. 
  • If you need to speak to a student in the library, wait until the lesson finishes.

At all times:

  • No eating or drinking anything other than water
  • No answering your phone or letting it disturb others
  • No MP3 players, games consoles or anything similar allowed.

During break and lunchtimes, younger students have priority.  Students using the library for social purposes and not committed to quiet study will be asked to leave.

ID Cards

The safety of every member of Highdown Community is of paramount importance. Therefore, you must wear your ID card at all times as proof of identity.  These cards will also be used for access to the library and canteen.  You will be charged for replacement cards.

Car Parking

Due to space restrictions, you are not permitted to park on site.


The school’s biometric recognition system works by creating an algorithm based on your fingerprint which is stored as a number. This enables you to use the cashless catering and print management systems. Find out more from the Finance Department.


ParentMail is a state-of-the-art, next generation communication and payment collection service used by thousands of schools across the UK to save time, money and improve parental engagement.

You can use your ParentMail account from your computer or by using our free mobile phone App where you can:

  • Receive messages and letters
  • Pay for items
  • Top-up dinner money
  • Authorise trips
  • Keep up-to-date with the school calendar
  • View and organise calendars for each of your children
  • Create and share your own calendar events and reminder

Parents will be sent an email or text by Highdown School with an invitation to register for ParentMail once their child has started at the school.

Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

The members of the sixth form leadership are elected by the Sixth Form. They meet regularly and organise clubs and societies, fund raising events, sporting activities and challenges, charity work and the social life of the Sixth Form. A Head Boy and Girl are interviewed and chosen by a panel of senior staff.

Community Activities

Highdown is proud to be at the heart of the local community.  We believe it is important that students in the Sixth Form make a positive contribution to the Highdown ethos.  As such it is expected that all students will volunteer to become involved in an extra-curricular community activity.