Please see our FAQs below.

We hope you find these helpful. If you wish to have the email of a staff member, please contact the office email below. If you still have unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0118 901 5800 or email:


What are the rules about parking in school?

For health and safety reasons, the gates are closed to parents’ cars from 8.20-8.45am and 2.50-3.20pm. This is due to the number of students entering and leaving the site at the start and end of the day.

If you are dropping off / collecting your child by car, please do not drive onto the school site or block the school entrance.

Parking is available during other times but is very restricted. If you have an appointment at the school, there are 4 designated parking bays opposite the minibus spaces.

What happens when a student forgets something? 

If you are contacted by a student or school and asked to bring something in, then please take any requested items to main reception and provide them with the student details and class.

How do you report appointments or known absences?

If your child is unable to attend school, it is vital that you call the absence line on 0118 901 5823 and leave a clear message detailing your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence before 9.00am.  Alternatively, you can let us know by using the absence reporting function on ParentMail

How do you know if school opening times are varied?

The school will notify you in advance of any changes to the start or finish times of the school day. Information will also be shared on the school website and via our InstagramTwitter and Facebook feeds. 

How can a student get access to coursework or homework if absent due to illness?

Your child will know if the information is available on Class Charts. 

Does the school offer any funding or scholarship programs to help gifted and able students who are unable to finance further education?

Bursaries are available for Sixth Form students on a means tested basis. More details.

What advice is available to students about apprenticeships or employment opportunities?

There is information on the school website about careers. All Year 11s get an interview and Sixth Form students get interviews when referred or go to drop in sessions.

What support is available to parents if they have any concerns?

Parents should contact the school and arrange to speak with their child’s tutor or Head of Achievement.

Where is lost property for students?

Lost property is kept at the main reception. You can phone the school on 0118 901 5800 or go to the main reception to see if your child’s lost property has been handed in. Remember to name all your child’s belongings in order to increase the chances of lost property being returned. 

How do I apply for my child to have free school meals? 

  1. First, check if you qualify — it is not just if you are unemployed, so please look at the attachment.
  2. Registering is really quick and easy — if you think you qualify, please bring your completed application into the Finance Office at school.
  3. No one will know you have registered, and it will not affect any other benefits you are claiming.

Please register as soon as possible to make sure your child does not miss out. 

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 60 minutes in length. 

Where do I go if I feel unwell during the day?

If you feel unwell during a lesson then you need to inform your classroom teacher, who will then give you permission to go to the medical room. This can be found along the Admin corridor. If you are unwell at break and lunch you should go straight to the medical room. 

Do you have school lunch menus?

Yes! You can find our lunch menus here. These menus are valid until the end of February 2022. 

How long is break and lunchtime?

Morning break is 20 minutes and lunchtime is 40 minutes. 

What happens if I get lost at school?

If you get lost, you can ask another student or member of staff, who will be able to tell you where you are and explain or show you where you need to get to. Finally, if there is nobody to ask, you can always go to student reception where they will be able to help with any questions.

How do I receive communications for my child?

We communicate through a variety of online platforms, including SIMs InTouch (Emails), Class Charts, ParentMail, Newsletters, InstagramTwitter and Facebook feeds, as well as our website.