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Highdown School
and Sixth Form Centre

Highdown School Equality Statement

Highdown School believes that all students should achieve their potential in all subject areas. We aim to close the achievement gap across all subjects and for all students. This year our particular focus is to improve the achievement of our middle ability students and to further close the gap for our students in receipt of Pupil Premium.



Highdown School uses the Reading Borough Admissions Service for its admissions.  Please read the Admissions Policy below for further information.

As required by new government legislation, Reading Borough Council are required to inform parents of any school within a reasonable distance of the child’s current school which holds a routine admission round for other year groups other than year 7. UTC Reading is considered as within a reasonable distance of your child’s current school and the application process for a place in Year 10 in September 2017 is underway.

More information about the school and how to apply can be found at in the secondary schools admissions guide. This information has been sent due to a requirement to inform parents of this process and does not take into account any details about your child, such as academic performance or suitability for the school. Informing you of this admissions round does not impact on your right to remain at your current school or complete an in year transfer to another school.


Admissions Appeal Procedure

Appeals should be sent to:

Clerk to the Appeals Panel
Committee Services
Reading Borough Council
Civic Offices

Sarah Wilson – Tel: 0118 937 2532 – Email:

Amy Bryan – Tel: 0118 937 2368 – Email:

Or submit an appeal online at


Freedom of Information Statement

Highdown complies fully with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office.  We process requests as quickly as is practicable.

Data Protection Officer: Satswana Ltd, Pembroke House, St Christopher's Place, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 0NH


School Policies

Mobile phone devices are brought to school at students’ own risk. Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre does not accept any liability for loss or damage whilst at, or on route to/from, the academy.

Responsible and acceptable use

We expect students to use their mobile phones responsibly and appropriately to support learning at Highdown School. Mobile phones will be confiscated for misuse and will be returned to the Headteacher’s PA’s office for collection at the end of the school day. An after school detention will also be issued. Examples of misuse include: using in a lesson/mentor period/assembly without permission, playing music so others can hear it, taking photographs/videos of others without consent, making threatening calls, sending inappropriate messages to others or about others and/or misuse of social media. If students choose to refuse to hand over their mobile phone when challenged they will spend a day in internal exclusion.

In order to view these PDF documents you may need to install Adobe Reader.

  1. Privacy Notice - Students Lateral Flow Testing - March 2021
  2. Privacy Notice - Staff Lateral Flow testing at home in secondary schools
  3. Privacy Notice - Covid Testing
  4. Accessibility Plan - Approved November 2019
  5. Admissions Policy 2021-22 -Approved February 2020
  6. Admissions Policy 2022-23 - Approved September 2020
  7. Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy - Approved March 2017
  8. Anti-Bullying Policy- Updated September 2021
  9. Application for leave of absence from school (MS Word version)
  10. Application for leave of absence from school (pdf version)
  11. Awarding of Grades Summer 2021 Centre Policy April 2021
  12. Behaviour Policy - August 2020
  13. Behaviour Policy Addendum 2020-21
  14. Careers Policy - Approved July 2020
  15. Charging policy
  16. Complaints Policy and Procedure - Approved April 2020
  17. Coronavirus Track and Trace Privacy Notice
  18. Covid 19 Testing Privacy Notice - January 2021
  19. Data Protection - Covid Lateral Testing of Students
  20. Data Protection Policy June 2021
  21. Drugs Policy - Approved June 2017
  22. Equality Statement and Objectives 2020-23
  23. Exclusion from maintained schools academies and pupil referral units guidance 01.09.2017
  24. Feedback Policy - Approved February 2017
  25. Freedom of Information - June 2021
  26. Health and Safety Policy - Approved June 2020
  27. Inclusion Policy - Approved October 2017
  28. International Schools Policy March 2021
  29. Learning and Teaching Policy - Approved December 2018
  30. Privacy Notice 2020-21
  31. Provider Access Policy Statement February 2021
  32. PSHCE Policy including Relationships and Sex Education
  33. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Sept 2021 - awaiting approval
  34. SEND Information Report 2021