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The BNC is an Economist Educational Foundation run digital news club which focuses on KS2 and KS3 engagement with wider world issues.

Each month students are given 6 weeks worth of material on a new exciting topic. Students will then create articles and reports on the topic, which will be uploaded onto the BNC website. Other schools can then comment and encourage discussion. We are also encouraged to do the same to other schools presented work. At the end of the term, a summary task is given and we have the opportunity to produce a 'school' newspaper, reporting on the topic and the work completed. 

BNC Club Blog

12 March 2020

This week at the BNC, students took a detailed look at some of the issues facing the NHS at the present. Problems such as outdated resources, increasing mental health problems, obesity and an ageing population were discussed and debated and we quickly realised that running a health service is a complex and problematic issue.

5 March 2020

This week at the BNC, we began our discussion on this term’s topic: The Future of Health Care. Students quizzed each other on the facts and figures in relation to the NHS as well as discussing why it is an institution that all British people should be proud of. They then utilised their skills of reasoning and open-mindedness by considering just who should pay for the NHS and speculating what problems the future may hold for Health Care in the UK.

6 February 2020

This week at the BNC students began preparing for their final piece for this issue. Their task is to create an artistic representation of some of the most significant issues in relation to political power. With ideas such as justice, responsibility and power being discussed, next week's exhibition promises some fantastic works of art! 

30 January 2020

This week at the BNC students considered the accountability that politicians face when they make errors or mistakes. We looked at some high profile instances and discussed whether justice was served in terms of punishment faced. Students showed excellent reasoning and scepticism in their appraisals which led to fantastic discussion.

23 January 2020

This week at the BNC students delved into the issue of politics and power. We discussed ideas around responsibility and accountability and debated whether politicians should be held to a higher standard because of their role. Students then looked at some examples of politicians who have made mistakes in the past and discussed the severity and magnitude of these. All in all it was another highly productive session!

7 November 2019

This week at the BNC students wrote passionate speeches as their final piece on the issue of The Hong Kong Crisis. As ever, the ideas and opinions were varied and it was fantastic to see students writing so fervently on a topic of which, up until a number of weeks ago, most had very limited knowledge. As students conclude their consideration of this topic attention now moves to this term’s issue: Space Exploration!

18 October 2019

This week at the BNC students took a closer look at the key skills of reasoning, scepticism, open-mindedness and speaking up and considered why each of these skills are important when discussing complex issues. In light of these discussions, students then considered the various positions that people may have in relation to the Hong Kong crisis and explored the possible opinions on whether Britain should intervene or not. As ever, there was lively discussion and all four key skills were definitely on show.

10 October 2019

This week at the BNC students explored the world of fact and opinion and the blurred lines that are often found between the two. This led to interesting conversation in relation to fake news. Students finished the session by debating whether Britain has a duty to intervene in the Hong Kong crisis.

2 October 2019

This week at the BNC students began to dissect the hot topic of the Hong Kong Protests which have been ongoing for the past several weeks. We explored the complex history involving Hong Kong, China and the UK as well as considering what types of protests are most effective and if there is ever justification for violent protest. We ended by having an insightful and enthusiastic discussion on the issue of free speech and it is fair to say that students had plenty of strong opinions on the matter!

25 September 2019

The first session of this year’s Burnet News Club took place and it was great to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones all eager to discuss the world’s events. Students began the session by trying to dissect the abstract question, “What is news?” and this led to some highly engaging discussions. We also explored the idea of fake news and discussed the idea that scepticism is an important attribute when reading news today. It was an excellent way to begin a year which promises to be full of feverish debate and conversation.

26 June 2019

The BNC continued their foray into the world of climate change today by considering what actions we could and should do in order to help counter the damage being done to our planet. A variety of ideas were discussed and debated ranging from supporting protests to adopting a vegan lifestyle. While there was clearly no one solution, all students were in no doubt that we as a society must do something if we are to save our planet from devastating climate change.

20 June 2019

This week at the BNC we continued our discussion on climate change by considering some ‘Big Questions’ about this critical issue. Firstly, students explored what qualifies as a ‘Big Question’ before delving into some though-provoking discussions on different questions such as: Whose responsibility is it to prevent further climate change? Are we doing enough to counteract the issues? Should we make sacrifices to help future generations? Discussions were lively as ever as students deeply considered the topic.

6 June 2019

The BNC kicked off the final term of the year in a typically enthusiastic manner while discussing this issue's topic of climate crisis. Students shared their existing understanding and knowledge of a range of relevant topics such as greenhouse gases, harmful emissions and energy sources while also beginning to consider who is to blame for this issue and, more importantly, what can we do to improve the situation. If this first session is anything to go by then we are certainly in for an interesting and informative final term.

23 May 2019

Following our final session for this term’s issue of the BNC, it is safe to say we definitely have some burgeoning radio presenters in our midst. Having completed their research into the issue of freedom of movement, students produced podcasts in which they discussed the various intricacies of this complex subject. It was a fantastic way to end what has been yet another highly enlightening term for the BNC and we are all already excited to see what the next issue will have in store!

16 May 2019

As the BNC continued their discussion on borders and freedom of movement, thoughts moved towards preparation for this issue's final piece! For this final piece, students will be doing their best radio voice as they prepare podcasts debating the topic "Freedom of Movement is a Human Right". Research is already well under way as students feverishly researched facts and figures to ensure their podcast is a must listen! One thing is for sure, we are in for some exciting productions for next week's final session!

9 May 2019

We continued our exploration of walls and borders this week at the BNC by discussing some of the most famous walls ever built. From the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall, students considered the consequences these walls have had on civilians, both positive and negative, and questioned, are walls an effective way of dealing with conflict?

2 May 2019

This week at the BNC, students explored the murky world of migration, considering all of the issues which impact people's reasons to move to a new country. They then took the roles of customs officers discussing why people should or shouldn't be allowed into a country. All in all, it was a lively session with some interesting and intriguing views being shared.

25 April 2019

This term at the BNC, students will be exploring the issues of migration and border control by considering Trump's wall. Students got stuck in to this subject in a typically lively manner this week by role playing what it would be like if they were divided by a wall. As ever, there were passionate responses from both sides and we are looking forward to an intriguing term ahead!


4 April 2019

Our final week on the issue of democracy saw students present their final speeches, arguing the pros and cons of democratic decision making. All students put in huge effort in their preparations which saw some fantastic speeches being presented. Students have done a brilliant job this term in their exploration of democracy and Brexit and we are excited to start a new topic next term!

21 March 2019

The classroom was transformed into the House of Commons this week as BNC members debated everything Brexit! Opinions were varied and discussions heated but Madame Speaker ensured that order was always maintained. As always, it was fantastic to see the young minds of Highdown engaging with these complex topics in such a lively manner!


14 March 2019

This week's Burnet News Club saw students taking on the role of news anchors, reporting on a series of stories centred around the idea of democracy. As ever, students fully immersed themselves in the role which led to some lively and entertaining performances.


7 March 2019

This week the BNC delved into the murky and confusing world of Brexit. Students discussed a range of diverse issues, from voting age to potential ramifications of leaving the EU and debated whether there should have even been a referendum in the first place!


28 February 2019

Our first session on this term's BNC issue of Brexit saw students discussing the role of democracy in our society. We debated whether or not democracy is really fair and students created short silent films showing what democracy means.