Week B

As you will know, schools and academies have reduced funding to provide the same education because of changes to national funding formulae. In this context Highdown School has improved outcomes despite reduced resources.

Highdown School is a successful school both in terms of pass rates in public examinations and in progress through the school (value-added). We also provide a very rich and wide-ranging programme of extra-curricular activities and educational visits.

All of this comes at a cost and the school budget is carefully managed and overseen by Governors to provide staffing, equipment and the necessary support to allow the school to be successful.

However, this allows very little flexibility to finance the ‘extras’ that we would like to provide. For example there is great enthusiasm amongst the staff for increasing the provision of ICT equipment in classrooms. Some of this can be funded from the budget but progress is slower than we would like.

A school fund would help to provide the extras. In comparable schools, the School Fund has been able to provide funding for:-

  • Corridor display boards for students’ work
  • Seating and benching in playgrounds and social areas
  • Canopies for outside social areas
  • Subscriptions to periodicals for the library
  • Increasing the new Wifi network to support learning through mobile devices

We do not ask parents to raise money through fairs and such activities but instead I would ask parents to make a contribution to the Highdown School Fund each year.

I would ask each family with a student at the school to make a minimum annual contribution of £50 to enable us to finance the provision of equipment and resources which may not be otherwise available through normal educational funding. This is of course, anonymous and voluntary.

The School Fund will be spent only on the approval of the Governors and will not be used for staffing or to fund resources that should be provided by the normal school budget. We will involve the student leadership body in how we spend the monies raised.

Standing Orders

A number of parents have contacted us as they would prefer to set up a standing order for the School Fund donation rather than pay through parentmail. This way regular payments can be set up on a monthly or annual basis. If you would like to set this up then please complete the form below or contact the Finance Office. Thank you.

Gift Aid

If you're a UK taxpayer, Highdown School is able to reclaim the basic rate of tax on your donation at no extra cost to you. If you are able to indicate that you agree to the Gift Aid Declaration, the school will not only receive your contribution but will also be able to claim back the tax paid on the donation.