Week B

Level 3 Performing Arts Workshop

Our Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Performing Arts qualifications help your students to achieve their potential and progress to the next stage of their lives, whether that’s higher education, an apprenticeship or employment.

The qualification includes specific pathways for all performing arts specialisms: music, acting, dance, musical theatre, and theatre production, at Highdown we teach to the students’ talents and disciplines and develop skills in all three main disciplines.

For those that have applied to study Level 3 Performing Arts in September.

Dear Year 11 students,  

I would like to invite you to a Workshop on Tuesday 21st March 2023 at Highdown School & Sixth Form Centre 4-6pm in Drama studio 2.   

In the workshop you will get to meet other applicants who have applied to be on the course in September 2023 and take part in a practical workshop.

Workshop Outline: 

  • Registration Meet and Greet 
  • Warm up / icebreakers 
  • Contemporary Arts workshop – Drama, Dance and Music 
  • Material stimulus and development 
  • Performance and feedback 
  • The Course and Performing Arts opportunities at Highdown School 
  • Student evaluation / questions and end of workshop 

Please wear appropriate clothing for a practical workshop and bring a bottle of water.   

You will arrive and meet in the Main Hall Foyer where you will be met by existing Performing Arts students on the course.   

Please send me a response if you can / cannot attend the workshop by Friday 10th March 2023 by email: pahawkins@highdown.reading.sch.uk  

Looking forward to meeting you at the event. 
Yours sincerely,  

Mrs P Hawkins  
Teacher of Drama & Performing Arts  
Leader of Level 3 CTEC Performing Arts