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Highdown School
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Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Working with children at home

Thank you to Year 11 parents who came out in force to support their children and work with teachers at the recent evening event.  There were lots of strategies to support revision at home in the last few weeks of year 11.  Thank you to so many parents who have written in to say how useful it was.

Evenings like that are really good to add an enhanced level of focus at this time of year. We do receive requests for additional guidance on how to support children at home week in week out. Sometimes parents are concerned that they may not have the knowledge or skills to support the different subject areas.

Much research has been carried out on how parents can support children at home and I hope parents will find this guidance reassuring and encouraging.  The willingness to support children at home is the key to making the difference rather than the parents’ individual knowledge of a subject area.

This support can take various forms:

  • Sitting down together to puzzle out tricky home learning tasks
  • Searching online for key words or methods of problem solving
  • Taking a child to the local library
  • Reading together
  • Talking about the future and goal setting
  • Visiting a gallery or museum

Visiting the Parental Engagement and Curriculum Sections of our website will give further advice and guidance on how to support your children at home.

Research shows that parents who show interest in their children’s learning really does make a difference in the achievement at GCSE.

Thank you for your continued partnership with us at Highdown to ensure great outcomes for our young people.


Ms R E Cave, Headteacher

May 2016