Week A

Being part of HSL is being part of a larger community, are you part of our community yet?

Being a member of HSL Ltd means that you are not only achieving your own goals in terms of health, fitness, and wellbeing but that you are also part of the Highdown Community that is so prominent in Emmer Green.

We have been open for nearly 8 years and every penny of the money that we have made has been reinvested back into our facilities for the benefit of not only our members but also the students attending our Academy.

What have we achieved in 8 years?

  1. Brand-new pool plant to improve and maintain high water quality in our pool
  2. New floors, ceiling, and windows in the Barn to improve comfort and wellbeing for classes
  3. Investment into equipment for our classes
  4. A brand-new high spec fitness suite
  5. Upgrading the toilets

We continue to reinvest into our facilities and are proud to improve the experience in sports and fitness for our community. This is the heart of social enterprise, and we are proud to be there.

Are you part of that community? Why not? Want to be? It’s easy click here or call our team on 0118 901 5812.

We look forward to seeing you soon!