Week A

Summer 2024 Results Days

Please find below all the information you will need about Results Days in 2024 and information about Post-Results Services:

Issue of results

On candidate statements of results (results slips) and certificates, grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years. 

Results will be issued on results day(s) in August as follows:

GCSE / Levels 1 and 2 Technical Qualifications 22/08/24 Available from 8:30am at school
A-level 15/08/24 Available from 8:30am at school

If you are not able to attend results day for any reason, we can arrange for your results to be emailed to your school email address. Please ensure you have access before your results day.

A friend or relative may collect results on your behalf. Please provide both the exams' office and your representative with a signed letter giving permission to collect the results. Your representative must bring photo ID.

Results can be posted to your residence if we are provided with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

To request alternative arrangements, please email examinations@highdown.reading.sch.uk.

No results will be issued over the telephone

Support, advice and guidance

Post-Results Services

The following post results services are available to students after having sought advice:

  • Clerical re-check (to check all parts of the script have been marked, and that the totalling and recording of marks is correct)
  • Review of marking (a review to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly, plus a clerical re-check. Scripts are not re-marked)
  • Priority Access to Scripts (to support a review of marking)
  • Access to Scripts (to support teaching and learning)

Staff will be on site on results day to provide support, advice and guidance to students.

When you receive your results, if you think that a grade is wrong, your first step should be to access the post-results support available by speaking to the Exams Officer who can explain the options available to you.

To request a Post Results Service, candidates should complete the appropriate form from the JCQ Post Results Service document below, and email it to examinations@highdown.reading.sch.uk.

Deadlines and prices can be found on the HDS Post Results Service document below.


Summer Results: Elevate Careers Service

Elevate careers service, operated by BFfC, is going to be offering a range of different ways for young people to make contact if they require support after receiving their exam results. The Elevate team will be operating a Live Chat facility on the BFfC careers webpage for the first time after AS/A levels results are received. Young people will also be able to phone-in and email the Elevate team if they didn’t get the results they were hoping for and need some advice and support. 

The Live Chat facility will be at: https://brighterfuturesforchildren.org/for-young-people/careers-service-for-young-people/, the results advice phone line will be on (0118) 937 4402 and the email address is: elevate@brighterfuturesforchildren.org.

Sixth Form Enrolment

Enrolment to our Sixth Form will take place in person on Thursday 22nd August 2024 following receipt of your GCSE/Level 1 and 2 grades. Highdown Year 11 students enrol between 8.30-11am and students joining Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre from 11am-1pm.

You can find more information in the Sixth Form section of our website here.

If you have any questions about our Sixth Form or would like to apply, please email us at  sixthformadmissions@highdown.reading.sch.uk.


The UCAS website has a range of resources to support you, and it is worth reading them in advance. Their Confirmation and Clearing page can be found here, and there is a separate page for parents here. If you feel you may need to use Clearing, read ahead by clicking here, and you can learn about the Clearing Plus system here. UCAS also host weekly talks via their Facebook page, which can be accessed here.

Key dates – GCSE November 2024 examination series

Spring Term 2023/24

Key date Description Qualification Category


Restricted release of results to centres only




Release of results to candidates




Final date for requesting copies of scripts to support reviews of marking – Access to Scripts Service


Post-results services




Final date for clerical checks, reviews of marking, reviews of moderation or other results enquiries (e.g. Missing and Incomplete Results)

Final date for requesting copies of scripts to support teaching and learning – Access to Scripts Service





Post-results services