Week A
Use of Sixth Form Study Space

You are welcome to use Sixth Form study space as a quiet place to study during school hours and after lessons. This is where you are expected to attend your Independent Learning which are compulsory, timetabled sessions designated for your own studies.

Behaviour expectations:

  • No eating or drinking anything other than water,
  • Phones are allowed to be used to support your studies,
  • No loud conversations or anything else that can disrupt other people.
Super-curricular activities

One of the best ways you stand out during your Sixth Form studies is through the amount of independent study you undertake outside of the classroom. Regardless of your future plans, the ability to extend yourself and research independently into your interests is an invaluable skill – this will support your university applications and/or future job applications and interviews. All universities expect more than just classroom knowledge, which is where super-curricular activities come in. These are academic enrichment tasks that show you are interested in your studies beyond what is on the school syllabus. Wider reading around the subject is one such activity, required of any student intent on higher education.